Spring 2023 News and Prayer Letter

Hello, Friends and Supporters!

In this newsletter you will read updates from all of our public school Good News Clubs, and a Salvation Testimony from a recent GNC. We also invite you to our Chicken Barbeque on April 22! Information on the front page of our website.

Thank you for your time and prayer, as you read through this update.



Good News Clubs

We currently have five afterschool “Good News Clubs” up and running in WNY public elementary schools.

Highgate Heights (Buffalo School District). They consistently have 8 students in their club. Before Covid and the bussing issues they had a lot more coming, but we are grateful for these precious souls.

JT Waugh Elementary (Lake Shore District). Some of the students in this class came knowing absolutely nothing about God, Jesus, or the Bible. It is exciting but also challenging to have such blank slates to work with. Please pray for their understanding and salvation. They have had 12 students attend this club.

Highland Elementary (Lake Shore District). They have had five children trust in Christ as Savior since they started! Some of these have attended church and shown real growth too.

AJ Schmidt Elementary
 (Lake Shore District). They have 7 students enrolled, and one has trusted in Christ for salvation this year.

Cloverbank Elementary (Frontier District). Though they had to overcome many obstacles, we rejoice that this club is up and running! Pray for the faithfulness of these students, as they have to leave the school at dismissal time, then have someone drive them back to the school. They have had 10 different students attend this club.

Please pray that these students will come to know Jesus in a real and personal way (f they don’t already), and we will see changed lives!    

More GNC Reports

Blasdell Elementary (Frontier School District) – In spite of the dedication and willingness of the teachers each week, this club has proven too difficult to sustain. Due to bussing and security issues, the students were required to leave the building at dismissal time, then be brought back by a parent or guardian to the school for GNC. This has shown itself to be a greater challenge than expected, and the club has closed for this year. THANK YOU to our dedicated teachers for doing your best!

Lovejoy Discovery School (Buffalo School District) -There is still nothing to report. We truly need God to touch the hearts of the school administration, that they will let us back in, and we can restart this club.

West Seneca School District – Despite the enthusiasm of the superintendent to start a Club in their district, we have not been able to secure a location or time that works for both the school and our GNC teachers. Please pray that – even if we have to wait till next school year – we WILL get Good News Clubs running in this district.

Please pray that each of these doors would stay open, and that the teachers would not be discouraged by the waiting and uncertainties. 

A Salvation Testimony

From one of our JT Waugh teachers

The Good News Club of Highland Elementary School in Derby, NY has seen wonderful fruit since beginning this past fall of 2022. On February 7, 2023 during one of our classes, we had 2 children accept the Lord as their personal Savior. (They are just 2 of 5 who have come to know the Lord since we began!).

During the class, the children were learning about Bartimaeus and how his faith made him whole. The Bible verse that day was John 3:36 “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him”. Our verse of the week and the story both made heavy conviction on the children. Multiple children raised their hands to be dealt with, and 2 of the children made a profession of faith- Mason D. and Neveah S.! Other children had the opportunity to pray with an adult about other things that may have been upsetting them, while others learned more about the Lord but were not ready yet.

Seeing this fruit has been a blessing to all of the workers, and we continue to pray that more in the class of 11 will come to know the Lord.

Please pray especially for the children who have heard but have not believed on Jesus. 

Prayer Requests

  • For the current GNCs to be full of Spirit-led teachers, and students eager to learn about God. For increased attendances and salvations.
  • For the GNCs that haven’t started yet to do so soon.
  • For more pastors and churches to see the need and join the battle.
  • For a new director for CEF of GBA

Winter Newsletter 2022

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support this 2022. We appreciate each one of you.

In this newsletter you will read updates on our public school Good News Clubs, a Salvation Testimony from a recent GNC, a note about teacher training, and some ways that you can get involved in our front-line battle! 



Good News Clubs

We currently have five afterschool “Good News Clubs” up and running in WNY public elementary schools:

Highgate Heights (Buffalo School District). This was our first club to reopen in person. The lead GNC teacher there also teaches in the school, so she was able to begin easily. There are 12 students enrolled in this club.

Blasdell Elementary (Frontier District). We have had some miscommunications, obstacles, and sicknesses to overcome in restarting the 3 clubs we used to have in the Frontier school district. Thankfully, the Blasdell GNC was finally able to start again in November. There are 3 students enrolled.

JT Waugh Elementary (Lake Shore District). We are grateful for a cooperative and supportive administration in Lake Shore. They have welcomed us back into all three of their elementary schools with open arms! JT Waugh was the first to restart, and there are 10 students enrolled. (See testimony below.)

Highland Elementary (Lake Shore District). This GNC was adopted just this year by the Hilltop Baptist Church of Evans. Seven people from their church were trained in all aspects of a Good News Club, and they have excitedly jumped into this opportunity! They have 12 students enrolled. Two of these children also attend their church.

AJ Schmidt Elementary (Lake Shore District). Our newest GNC had one meeting so far – A Christmas party club on Dec. 22 – and is looking forward to a great 2023. They already have 6 students enrolled.

Please pray that these students will come to know Jesus in a real and personal way (f they don’t already), and we will see changed lives!  

We are also working to begin these Good News Clubs: 

Cloverbank and Big Tree Elementary Schools (Frontier School District) – these two clubs have been active for several years, but as mentioned, there are obstacles in restarting them this year. The teachers are ready to go, we just need wisdom in how exactly to move forward.

Lovejoy Discovery School (Buffalo School District) – As with the two Frontier schools, we have teachers in place and ready to go, we just need God to remove the barriers that are holding them back.

West Seneca School District -The superintendent of this district has enthusiastically welcomed us to start clubs in their schools. We have a church sponsor, and trained teachers trained ready to go! We are working with the school administration to figure out which school would be the best fit for us, and plan to begin by the end of January. Stay tuned!

Pray that each of these clubs would start soon, and that the teachers would not be discouraged by the waiting and uncertainties. 

A Salvation Testimony

by one of our JT Waugh teachers

The week’s lesson was on King David and Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s disabled son (2 Samuel 4 and 9). Mephibosheth had been living in poverty, until King David extended an invitation for Mephibosheth to join David’s family, and live in the palace. The comparison was made to how poor and hopeless we are, in a spiritual sense, yet the King of Kings offers us the same opportunity – come be part of My family, and someday live in my heavenly home! The choice was Mephibosheth’s.. He could accept or refuse King David’s offer. We have the same choice. God does not force us to choose Him, but lovingly waits for us to make our decision.

At the close of the lesson, the children were given the chance to accept the invitation, and let Jesus come into their lives. One girl in particular was hanging on every word. When the other kids bowed their head and closed their eyes, she indicated that she wanted to speak to a teacher privately.

During that counselling time, she said she really wanted to join God’s family, but didn’t want to give up her own family! 🙂 The teacher explained that accepting Christ actually means you then have TWO families, and this 3rd grader gladly put her faith in Jesus as her Savior.

Please pray for more children to understand the gospel and be converted.

   Teacher Training

Our teacher-trainer-extraordinaire has been hopping this fall, travelling to several churches and even someone’s home, preparing teenagers and adults to teach in CEF Good News Clubs. Over the past 3 months she has led 14 different people through the classes and process of becoming certified GNC teachers. Some of these new teachers have already started in clubs, others are just waiting on the sidelines for the paperwork and administrative details to be finalized before they too join the work.

For information how you can be trained (or have your congregation trained) to work with CEF, please email our teacher trainer, tlklindsey@gmail.com , call/text us 716-394-7820, or click the volunteer link button below. We especially welcome pastors and church leaders to contact us, and let us explain how we can benefit your church!

Please pray for more churches and individuals to see the need, and take the first steps to reach the children in public schools. 

Join Us!

We are on the front lines of a battle for the children of Western New York. Every week our teachers report some form of spiritual battle as they engage in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. We need…

* prayer partners

* financial supporters

* teachers to lead clubs in schools

* assistants to help in school clubs

* pastors and church leaders to see the potential, and encourage their people to enlist.

Visit cefbuffalo.org and click on our “Volunteer Form” button to get started!

Our Staff & Committee
D. Hastie, Chairman
C. Durham, Vice Chairman
T. Jones, Treasurer
J. Lindsey, Secretary
J. Maloney, Prayer Chair
L. Nephew, Member
J. Peters, Member
D. Piwowarczyk, Member
R. Tablante, Admin. Asst.

Summer 2022 News and Prayer Letter

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have had some big changes over the past quarter, and we thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. Keep reading for updates on our May Brunch, the “Go and Tell” Program, local Good News Clubs, and Brian Ide!

Sincerely, CEF of GBA

“Good News” Brunch

On May 14 we held an informational brunch for pastors, children’s minsters, or anyone interested in knowing more about Child Evangelism Fellowship. We hosted 35 people, representing 11 area churches.
After informal conversation around the breakfast tables, our committee presented the different aspects of CEF of GBA: Good News Clubs, Summer 5-Day Clubs, and Teacher Training. These are all ways that we can help churches expand their reach in their communities.

Dale Hudson, founder of Building Children’s Ministry, was our guest speaker for the day, and gave a challenging lesson on leaving a legacy to the next generation. He reminded us, “An inheritance is what you leave for someone; A legacy is what you leave in someone.”

Results: We were so pleased with the positive response we had from those who attended our Brunch. Some of these churches have already requested Teacher Training, which is the first step to starting a Good News Club in their schools. Fifteen of those in attendance signed up to join our prayer team. We look forward to working with the, and seeing the doors that open.

Year-End GNC Report

Our school ministry has come to an end, and we praise the Lord for what He did for us this year. After being almost completely shut down last year, we rebuilt to four in-person clubs and two online.
Some of our Clubs were able to meet in-person, inside of the schools, and right after school let out. Most of our Clubs, however, had to meet off-site, meet remotely, or find a time well past the dismissal. We are so grateful for the flexibility of our teachers and school workers as they navigated these challenges. In spite of these hurdles, we saw salvations and growth in the students.
Two of our clubs had parties at the end of the school year, and many parents and grandparents attended, and told us how much these clubs have helped their children.

2021-22 Statistics:
6 Clubs offered (4 in-person, 2 online)
3 School districts served (Buffalo, Frontier, Lake Shore, and a few home schoolers thrown in for good measure)
28 Students registered
6 recorded salvations

Go and Tell

What’s new at CEF of Greater Buffalo? We have a Wonderful! Stupendous! Total –Immersion Evangelistic program just for Kids; “Go and Tell, Children Reaching Children” Go and Tell is a fun-filled day of teaching young people 10-18 yrs. old how to effectively give the gospel to their friends, family and those they meet. “Go and Tell” uses Bible truths of the Loving God, Creator (John 3:16), man the sinner (Romans 3:23), Jesus the Savior (I Corinthians 15:3b-4) forgiveness/salvation (Acts 16:31) and Christian growth (2 Peter 3:18).
We use the Wordless Book colors to help focus on the truths of the gospel when witnessing. Some of our tools are: color-coded tabs for their New Testaments, CEF “Flipper Flapper” or “Turnabouts,” Wordless Books and “Gospel Wrist Bands.” We even provide a color-coded bookmark that contains the Gospel truths! And then, Repetition, Repetition, Repetition coupled with games, snacks, lunch and lots of laughter!!

Two teens from our first class were my helpers in our second class; immersion is a great tool. Some children from our last class went our “witnessing” after class. One boy was able to win a friend to the Lord. Another young lady was able to give the entire gospel to 3 of her friends. A young teen stated, ”Now I understand how to give the Gospel!” This is certainly “Children Reaching Children” in action!
For information how you can have this life-changing training for your church children, please contact us at the information listed below, or email tlklindsey@gmail.com

Summer Ministry

We are working with one church to get their teachers ready to begin a Good News Club in the fall.

A few pastors have shown interest in partnering with us, and invited us in to speak to their congregations. We look forward to serving them in the future with opening a GNC in their local school.

An area-wide, free Good News Club training 9:00am-3:30pm on Saturday, August 20, at Center Road Baptist Church of West Seneca. This is for any current teachers (refresher) or anyone interested in teaching a Good News Club. The training is free, but registration is required. Call or text 716-394-7820!

We are also overseeing a few 5-Day Clubs, which is like a mini-Vacation Bible School, usually held in someone’s backyard. Please keep us in your prayers this summer.

Chapter Change

Our director, Brian Ide, has left Western New York to start a new CEF chapter in Jacksonville, Florida. Brian was a huge help in starting the CEF of GBA chapter, and will be missed. The committee thanks Brian for his dedicated service to the children of the Greater Buffalo Area, and wishes him all the best in his new endeavor.

Spring 2022 Newsletter: Good News Brunch

Happy Spring, friends and supporters! Thank you for your faithfulness in giving and praying for us.

In this quarterly newsletter, you will read about the pastoral visits made by some of our committee, our upcoming “Good News Brunch”, and updates on our public school  Good News Clubs. I’ve also written a short story that I hope you will be a blessing to you.

Thank you for your interest in CEF of Greater Buffalo.

Sincerely, Brian Ide, CEF of Greater Buffalo

Pastoral Visits

Two of our committee members have been visiting local gospel-preaching churches, to personally present CEF of GBA, and explain how we can serve them. Member Dennis P gives this report of their travels:

In January 2022, Jim Maloney and I, under the Lord’s guidance, began visiting churches in three counties in order to introduce the Pastors to the Mission of Child Evangelism Fellowship. I performed background checks on the churches prior to visiting them in order to ensure it was in obedience to Biblical standards. We then formulated a strategic plan to visit several specific churches in a day, using google maps and especially GPS, because Jim liked to listen to her voice. Since then, we have been blessed to visit close to seventy churches, either speaking to Pastors themselves, the church office staff, or simply leaving a packet of CEF information at the front door of the church.

A typical trip would begin with prayer for the Lord’s blessing of the ministry and travel mercies. We would visit three or four churches in the morning and about the same in the afternoon. Between the two we would stop for lunch and fellowship. On one occasion, Jim offered to buy me a “Happy Meal,” yet I never succumbed to such an experience. However, I did give in to a Beef on Weck. We dealt with a snow storm, putting Jim’s driving skills to the test and causing us to get stuck, and also backing up a one-way side street in the wrong direction.

Several times the Pastor of the church would invite us in, watch the CEF videos, converse with us, and desire a follow up with Brother Brian. This resulted in CEF making presentations to a number of churches, as well as scheduling ones yet to come.

The Lord was no doubt in control, including when GPS failed. One time we could not find the church and simply decided to drive a little farther just in case. And there was the church. When we introduced ourselves to the Pastor, he said he had read Brian’s letter a couple of weeks earlier, and was thrilled when we showed up, saying it was an “Answer to Prayer!” Obviously, it was. Since then several other churches have asked for follow up, or want to have a CEF event in the summer or fall. For myself, it has been a rewarding ministry and opportunity to get closer to Jesus, the “author and perfecter of our faith.” Jim and I continue to pray for the Lord to open doors in both churches and area public schools, in order that the “living and true Word” would be revealed, and many children and adults would ask Jesus to be their Savior and Lord. To this Jim and I say AMEN! God Bless.

– Dennis

Good News Brunch

On May 14 we are hosting an informational brunch for pastors, businesspeople, and anyone who wants to know more about us. We are honored to have Dale Hudson coming to speak to us. Dale is a 32-year veteran of children’s ministry and works closely with CEF. He will encourage and challenge all who attend. 

This Brunch will be held at the Center Road Baptist Church in West Seneca, and costs just $20 per person. If you or anyone you know would like to attend, please visit www.cefbuffalo.org.

If you would like to learn more about Dale Hudson, visit 

www. BuildingChildrensMinistry.com

Good News Clubs

Our Good News Clubs are in full swing! We have three still going from the beginning of the school year: Blasdell Elementary, Cloverbank/Big Tree Elementary Schools, and an online club servicing Lake Shore schools and anyone else who can’t attend an in-person club. These clubs are all small (10 students at the most), but God is blessing and the children are learning! The teachers are having a good time, too J

Our Buffalo School #80 club is scheduled to restart the first week of April, after much prayer and work. We are extremely grateful to teacher Megan K for her tenacity and devotion to her students. Most people in her position would have given up on having a club this year, and would have just waited till next year. We are excited to see what great things God does in the few months that remain.

We also have an outreach partnership with Urban Christian Ministries, with weekly clubs for the children who attend their after school program.

Further Praise – since our last newsletter, the mask mandates in our schools have lifted, as have many of the Covid restrictions.  This will help tremendously as we prepare for the next school year.

We have also talked to several churches about future partnerships in local school districts. Starting a Good News Club in a public school is not easy. The teachers and volunteers must be trained and have background checks. School administration must accept our request. Children must register and attend. But having a church show interest is the first step . Lord willing, next year will be our best yet!

I Am Billy

by Brian Ide

Let me tell you a story about a child named Billy who came to Good News Club. Each school year Billy would look forward to Good News Club. Each time we started Club, Billy would be there, jumping up and down, excited to come hear about Jesus again.

Although Billy loved Good News Club, he was a teacher’s “nightmare.” He was far from the most behaved child in Good News Club. Most of the time he was quite a handful. But I grew to like Billy. During club he would talk to me, and I enjoyed our conversations. I learned much about Billy through these moments. His father was in prison, and he didn’t know where his mother was. His uncle was now taking care of him.

One day while teaching I used water and mud to illustrate the sin problem. I started with a clean glass of water telling them about God and that He had no sin. But, when we sin like lie, steal, or hate others we dirty the water. I then added mud to the water. Then I asked, “Would anyone drink this water?” And there was Billy saying, “I will!”

All I could say was, “Billy, I knew you would say that.”

You see, I knew he would answer that because I’m Billy. Oh, I may not have come from a broken home, but I understand about dark times. I understand how hard it is to control your emotions. I understand how we can want something that is completely wrong for us. Unfortunately, this is a fallen world. Our lives aren’t all neat and organized. But God can put things back together. He can mend broken lives.

I wish I could tell you that Billy made a dramatic conversion, but sometimes growth is so small, we wonder if it’s happening at all. Here at CEF, we are not in this for the short term, we are in this for eternity. That’s what we are doing by teaching the Good News. We are changing lives eternally.

Thank you for your prayers and support to make this possible.

News & Prayer Letter- Winter 2021

Merry Christmas, dear friends and supporters!
Thank you for your faithfulness in giving and praying for us during this last year. We couldn’t have done it without you. In this quarterly newsletter, you will read about the four Good News Clubs that happen every week, an invitation to view our new website, and a letter from my heart. Please continue to pray for us as we finish this year and head into the next. Sincerely, Brian Ide, CEF of Greater Buffalo

Good News Clubs
Since our last letter, school has started again across Erie County. All of our county schools are now back to in-person learning, which means some of our in-person clubs have restarted, too. We even started a brand new club! That’s not to say there haven’t been any obstacles. Every club this year seems to have its own unique challenges, and the theme this year seems to be “Adapt and Adjust!”

Eden School District. The Eden club was our smallest last year, with just two students attending online. Unfortunately those children moved out of state, and this year we don’t currently have any children attending from Eden. One of the major problems is transportation. All the children must leave the school at dismissal (this is partly due to Covid restrictions, and partly due to the bus driver shortage), so any children that want to come to GNC would have to be driven back to the school an hour after they left. Please pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of the parents and students, and we will get some kids interested. We would hate to lose this opportunity.

Frontier School District. We restarted two in-person clubs in the Frontier district – one in the Big Tree Elementary School, a second in the Cloverbank Elementary School. Both of these were run by wonderful volunteers from the Old Time Baptist Church. Like the Eden GNC, students who wish to attend Club have to leave the building at dismissal time, then get a ride back. The Cloverbank GNC is doing well, and about 10 children attend each week. We had just one precious child register for Big Tree, however, so we have combined those two into one club, held at Cloverbank.

Lakeshore School District. There are no in-person after school programs happening in any of the Lakeshore schools right now; all after school events must take place off-site. After a few closed doors, we were so thankful that Angola Wesleyan Church graciously opened their doors to us, and let us use their building. We were optimistic that students from the elementary schools would merge into this one club, but about a month into the program, our teachers realized that – due to busing issues and Covid concerns – an online club would work better. They switched to an online format, and immediately doubled their attendance.

Blasdell School District. Our newest club! We are so grateful to Blasdell Gospel Chapel for partnering with us and engaging with the students of Blasdell Elementary School. They had five children register at the beginning of the school year (all boys, which is very rare!) and have now built up to eight students.

Buffalo School District. The Buffalo schools have been the most challenging. Like Lakeshore, they are not offering in-house afterschool programs. We have opened up an online club to them, but since the remote learning phase ended, the students had to give back the electronic tablets the school loaned them. Many have no internet access even if they wanted to attend an online club.

Praise! This may sound disheartening, but there are blessings all around! The school administrators have been kind to us, even though this is such a confusing time for them. The parents of our students have been flexible and understanding. The students are excited to come. The teachers are dedicated and doing the best they can in crazy situations. God is still in control, and we thank and praise Him for every opportunity He gives us to shine His light.

A Compassionate Plea from Brian Ide
I am writing to you about the times we live in. If anyone has noticed storms, tsunamis and earthquakes have gotten more prevalent these days. Some would say the cause is climate change or even bad luck. But if anyone would look into God’s word and, in particular, Jesus’ words, they will discover these are the beginnings of birth pains.
The time is approaching, and this is what I’ve noted in society today. People, even believers, are abandoning the Churches. Churches are abandoning God’s Word. In these times we need the Truth, and more unity if the Church is to prevail.

Our ministry, Child Evangelism Fellowship, works to serve Churches. We partner with local Churches and help them get the Gospel out to their local communities. This may be done through Good News Clubs (school year) or 5-Day Clubs (summer). We train these volunteers from these local churches then they are sent out, just like missionaries, to schools, back yards, parks or wherever children can be reached.

We are working to get the Good News of our Great Savior out into the public, but we are running into snags. The first is the number of Churches that have not “compromised” the Word of God, and the second is financial support.
First let’s look at the problem of having so few Bible-believing, and Bible-teaching Churches. CEF Greater Buffalo staff takes time to “vet” Churches in our area. We check their websites, view sermons and even visit in some cases. In our estimation there are seventy Churches that still haven’t compromised the Truth in Erie County alone. Sadly, this number is diminishing. And yet, we have around 120 elementary schools to reach in Erie County alone. The vision of our chapter is to have a Good News Club in each of these schools, but as a you can see by simple math, we need the help of every Bible-believing church in our area. We need them to make a commitment to get the Gospel out. But we are in prayer continually that God will supply this need.

Second snag is finances. We are in the “front lines” doing God’s work. It is said armies run on beans, bullets and band aids. These are our workers. If CEF of Greater Buffalo is to reach the children of Western New York we will need more staff. We need a Summer Coordinator and Trainer. The current staff needs the funds to increase hours of their work.
God used me to start this ministry in August 2015. It has been an “uphill” battle from the start. If you read these newsletters from the start of the chapter to now you will know many “great stories,” but for every great story, there are hardships that have been encountered. I see them as battles. I try to limit the mention of these battles because it may discourage some. But that doesn’t eliminate them. Through all these battles the hardest one for me is the battle of discouragement.

I get discouraged because of the things I mentioned above, but most of all because of the amount of those in need. I realize I can’t do this alone. I pray every day that God would meet our needs and we would reach the children. Please join with me in this battle by praying, volunteering, and supporting.

Thank You. As we close out 2021 and head into 2022, we thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support. We need you. Please continue to partner with us in 2022.